One of the aspects of staying effectively connected with the salesperson is to hear what he or she has to say. And we are not talking about feedback forms and itemized checklists here. The field team, as a whole, has more “gut feel” information about the direction of the market than the corporate office. With various layers in between, the information at the corporate office is highly sanitized and abstracted.

In many rapid velocity businesses, when corporate office seeks field feedback on a particular market phenomena (a competitor’s product scheme for example), it is already an established trend – the window of opportunity to capitalize on the information might have been lost.

How do you ‘make sense’ out of the “noise” before ‘it starts trending”?

Bsharp’s helps companies abstract field feedback (through discussion forums, field mood indicators, info-collector forms) and we provide the “processed signal” on any given topic. Thus we magnify the “noise” at the field into “signals” – you can factor these into your critical decisions (product launches, price moves, inventory calls, stock movements, local promotions, bundling etc.)

Gather the noise. Amplify it into a signal. Master the trend.

Makes Sense?