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I have sold. I have been sold to. I relate to sales people' problems. I keep thinking of solutions for them. When I walk. When I cycle. When I read. When I meet you. When I drink coffee. OK. Btb, How about a coffee?

Lazy Learner’s Syndrome: mLearning as a tool for Product Introductions

    Lazy Learner’s Syndrome and mLearning You thought you have pretty much mastered it. You know the new product inside out. “I can crack this”,  you think after the training, "I can remember the product features very well. I can ace the mLearning quiz and the demo there after. " The next morning is the all important demo. The points are all there in the head. The details are missing. You are able to recall the product benefits. But the metrics and percentage improvements are all fuzzy. It was pretty clear and simple. Until you are asked to articulate the pitch. Welcome to the Lazy Learner’s Syndrome.  Louise Rasmussen calls so in her “Total Recall Delusion” blog. You mind tricks you into believing that you have mastered it, but it still hasn't digested the details. So you know the "big picture", but in sales as with everything, the details matter. I confess I have been a subject of this delusion when I was a student. If only I had known... The success of your next new product is dependent on this “Total Recall” - by your sales personnel across the market. The details of the features matter. The percentage improvement figures matter. Detailed articulation matters. How do you transfer the training presentation into a winning pitch - across markets? This was the challenge we faced with our customer – their consumer electronics product was getting refreshed and their team was distributed across the country. How can they make sure that the team doesn't suffer the "Total Recall Delusion?" To solve this problem, the customer implemented a “Get 100 Quiz". All the sales personnel need to answer 25 questions [...]

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Can mobile learning increase sales?

It is over 3.5 years since the first customer went live on the­ Bsharp field sales engagement platform. Our core assumptions: We spend a lot of time on the core assumptions of the business - Companies will want to train, engage, empower field force on their mobile phones. Sales persons will take their training's on their mobile phones All stake holders in the organisation (from the management to the sales person) will find this arrangement beneficial [Positive sales impact] Fast forward to now, the trends are mighty strong. This tail wind is what keeps us innovating on the platform on a daily basis. Mobile computing is the dominant work trend: 27% of users use ONLY smartphones in a typical day : Thinking with Google The average user will have 3+ mobile devices: Gartner Mobile computing for work is rapidly increasing: 48% of employee facing IT investments are mobile focused: Forbes mLearning is now a way of organizational life: 34% of companies surveyed have implemented a mLearning program 30% of users surveyed have used their mobile phone for organizational learning 70% of users have increased motivation to learn when learning through a mobile device It was done in a variety of locations: 32% during business travel, 26% at home, 24% while commuting, 18% office/elsewhere. mLearning brings in comparable or better learning outcomes : Improves learning time: Smartphone users finished courses, on an average, 45% faster A global pharma company achieved 53% improvement in knowledge retention among staff Same knowledge transfer and assessment results as classroom, eLearning: At lesser time Sales persons are enthusiastically engaged: In [...]

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Sales tracking getting critical due to GST? Go mobile now!

D-Day July 1st. The GST regime kicks in. Your organisation is focused on optimising the stock on the D-Day. You want to minimise your stock exposure, your partner exposure, and your tax exposure on that day. Your product management team is geared to take the right decisions to liquidate the stock efficiently before the D-Day. But how are they getting the raw data on secondary sales? Calling the sales guy, partner every day? Through excel sheets that need to be collated? Through text messages with lots of followups? Let the corporate office team focus on what they do best: Analysing the situation, taking critical decisions in the market. Bsharp can get you the information from your field team. BsharpCorp is a mobile tool to get field information from your sales team instantly. Invite your sales team to download the app and login securely Add your partners, your product SKUs Define the format for the report Viola! You are done. Your sales team can report happily and securely through the mobile app [Android, iOS]. You can get consolidated data for your analysis. Check out more at Let Bsharp set it up for you. It takes less than 30 minutes to set it up for your team. What's more you could deploy other data capture forms with elements including photographs, GPS locations and voice! Want to track secondary sales with your field sales representatives for GST D-Day? Write to us with your telephone at

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What Sales People Want?

About 85% of the salespeople voted that “Job roles & responsibilities” is a highly motivating factor in their daily work. “Salary & Incentives” are considered as the 4th motivating factor.

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