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What Sales People Want?

About 85% of the salespeople voted that “Job roles & responsibilities” is a highly motivating factor in their daily work. “Salary & Incentives” are considered as the 4th motivating factor.
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Real Time Field Data Collection : 7 Steps to implement in your organization

Many wars have been won by having field information ahead of competition. Here are 7 steps to implement a mobile based field data collection program with your sales team.
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Accelerate Sales Ops: Get back 12 days

Collecting market deployment information for the Indian arm of an US Multi-national healthcare firm.
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Learning Advantage: Case Study

A market leader's journey in building a high business impact mLearning program for their distributed field sales team: 1200 personnel | 22 modules | Over 14K training delivered | 17% increase in premier mix
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Sales enablement through mobile devices: 4 key practices that work!

Get the returns out of your sales enablement investments. Mobile devices are force multipliers. Here are winning tips on four core mobile sales enablement practices.
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Borrow 960 Eyes: Track your retail launch to success

Its D Day minus 7. Your latest product is about to be launched. The marketing campaign is going live shortly. But, are your 960 stores across the country ready? BsharpCorp helps you to get real time field information like Merchandising Readiness.
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Your Future: Tracked In Real Time


You future = Your next new product. When would you like to know the reception of your new product in the market?

At the earliest. In Real Time.

Many companies let the product trickle through the market and wait for the reactions to flow back. By the time you hear back, it is already too late to adjust your marketing mix.

How about Real Time launch metrics for your latest products? Broken down by action stages required for product success?

The platform will have to co-opt the sales person across the market into this process – by gamifying the entire product launch process.

That will help the Product Manager track the new product’s progress every morning. Make real time changes to the strategy. Provide sales enablement inputs to the team to ensure launch velocity. That will also help the field team know where exactly they stand vs. their peers. They can pull in additional actions to accelerate their progress.

Stages of Action

The fully responsive platform can break the entire product launch process into a series of action stages. Now, assign Decision Makers to each sales person. The sales persons update the system on progress and feedback at every stage.

Let us assume the launch of a health care product. The challenge is to move the influencers across the stages and help them adopt the product. The stages could be as below:

The stages of action can be configured as per your launch plan.

Enable Sales: Key Assets

All key assets of the product are shared with the sales person through this platform – one area to look for all product collateral and videos.

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Project Accompany User: Discovering Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth

Simple app functions can solve complex and persistent field problems. And shine a moment of truth in the customer experience. Here is a a Bsharp case study in discovering user moments of truth.

The Indian arm of a Fortune 20 Pharma company wanted Bsharp to provide sales enablement software on tablets with an objective to “Maximise the value of the customer facing minute”.

We had great inputs from the corporate team of the Pharma major. Put in a continuous learning feature with Certification functionality. Check. Put in a “Messaging Wizard” – a system that will recommend “Talk Tracks”. Done.

Make product assets (videos, documents, clinical) for e-detailing as per the recommendation of the Messaging Wizard. OK. Capture call details for analytics and follow-ups. Sure thing.

Did the field team want anything more? Did the user know more than what the corporate office personnel wanted? We did a 3-day “Accompany the sales person” exercise with the Pharma major’s sales reps.

Mission Accompany

The sales person’s pain points might be very different from those identified in the corporate office.

We tracked their days and observed the challenges. We went on a 3 day visit with a sales rep in Kerala to understand his life and concerns. We went to the God’s own country.

One of the outcomes of the visit was the “Code Search” feature. A feature that turned out to be very popular and addressed a problem that only the field sales person knew existed.

The field rep’s problem

Identifying the right SKU code for the Doctor from a 2000 SKU catalogue. It was currently done through the 80 page “SKU Bible”. It took time to identify the right SKU the good Doctor wanted.

Highlighting equivalent and near equivalent options: Doctor can do with a SKU that is +/- 3% […]

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No more head spinning: @YouTube or @Bsharp

The Learning heads were spinning!
With its deliberate head churning, the YouTube ad created a market not just for offline videos but also for spondylitis treatments.
Entertainment on-mobile is an odious experience in India’s 3G networks! Now make that 1. Online training  2. For a sales person in pursuit of targets 3. On the road in hinterland 4. On 2G. It just became atrociously odious.

More training on Smartphone apps than PC
The inflection was in early ’15. Bsharp started delivering more training (numbers) through mobile apps that through the PC browser.
The mobile phone was convenient learning device. But it was a slow, deliberate experience to complete the training on phone. The salesperson had neither the time nor the patience.
Bsharp’s content with voice-overs made it even heavier.
User Speak: At the Bsharp User Meet
Our moment of truth was during a User Meet in April 2015. The sales teams were very happy with the content but wanted an infinitely better experience.
To make it better, our customers wanted to make the training lighter – may be without the voice overs. A move that will reduce the impact of the training.
Training Offline: On your smartphone app
Rapidly reacting to feedback, we launched the Bsharp Offline Training feature in May 2015. Now, users can download the training offline and complete it in the convenience of their retail market. No compromises on the content quality. And no more waiting!
What was “head spinning” in April turned out to be an easy learning experience in May. The adoption of training on the smartphone has accelerated further.
Soon, we will be rolling out a set of value added features in offline learning, across our apps.
No more spondylitis treatments. Happy selling.
Bsharp: The Sales Person’s Companion App.

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Bsharp: The direction of our dreams

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to life the life which he has imagined; he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. …
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” – Henry Thoreau. 
Bsharp: Who are we?
In Nov 2012, we set out with a mission to “help companies build successful sales teams”. We wanted to  “maximize the value of the customer facing minute”.
Fast forward two years: We have constantly adjusted our sails for momentum, but one fact remains: Our burning intention to deliver business results for our customers. All our engagements are in the chosen area: Sales person enablement.
Our path
We moved away from “F2F sales training” to online sales person engagement in Nov 13. In June 14, we launched our first Android app.
Today, 70% of the engagements are on the mobile. As of Nov’14 Bsharp engages over 5000 sales professionals, selling Fortune 500 company products, in over 100 cities in India. Our customers are across PC, Smartphones, IT accessories and healthcare. Just in Oct’14, we delivered ~6000 training online. We registered over 400 customer meetings, analyzed them for further management action.
We have just begun. We need to address our attention to the legions of sales personnel across the world. We have a many more years of building castles in the air – then let us get around the foundation.
Castles in the air

Prithvi, Bsharp’s co-founder, just shifted to Boston and set up shop. First steps in our US foray.

More self service features? iPad app? We heard you.

Wonderful UX? We are constantly engaging the field sales team users to refine the user experience.

How about Deeper foray […]

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