1407, 2017

Lazy Learner’s Syndrome: mLearning as a tool for Product Introductions

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    Lazy Learner’s Syndrome and mLearning You thought you have pretty much mastered it. You know the new product inside out. “I can crack this”,  you think after the training, "I can remember [...]

1906, 2017

Can mobile learning increase sales?

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It is over 3.5 years since the first customer went live on the­ Bsharp field sales engagement platform. Our core assumptions: We spend a lot of time on the core assumptions of the business [...]

1406, 2017

Sales tracking getting critical due to GST? Go mobile now!

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D-Day July 1st. The GST regime kicks in. Your organisation is focused on optimising the stock on the D-Day. You want to minimise your stock exposure, your partner exposure, and your tax exposure on [...]

1603, 2017

This is what retail store managers ought to learn from soccer

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If you missed the clash between Barcelona and PSG on 9th March 2017, this is what the score card looked like... Barcelona 1. PSG 0. Barcelona 2. PSG 0. Barcelona 3. PSG 0. Barcelona 3. PSG [...]

603, 2017

What everybody ought to know about retail store audits

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Field visits are great. Especially, when the audits require one of your audits/you to audit each of your stores, paper and pen in hand. Also, you need a smartphone to capture images of the store. [...]

602, 2017

3 Steps to audit your retail stores. Comfortably.

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Let’s imagine you have an outsourced field team. Typically people who are not part of your payroll. Field personnel who are the hard to coordinate with. And now, you expect them, to audit your stores, send you the updates. They obviously share the audit info using communication channels such as email, orphan Excel sheets and calls.

811, 2016

NGOs- Mobile Data Collection Offer

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As part of your NGO's operations, you collect a lot of data. It could be daily reporting of healthcare workers. Or a field report about the status of a farm. Many NGO's still use the "Pen and paper" system to collect the reports.

2610, 2016

What Sales People Want?

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About 85% of the salespeople voted that “Job roles & responsibilities” is a highly motivating factor in their daily work. “Salary & Incentives” are considered as the 4th motivating factor.

1510, 2016

Why does my top sales performer need a sales enabling application?

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While attending a recent sales meet where our application was being launched, I encountered the Moby Dick of all Q and A rounds. “I have been the top performer for the past two years. I speak the local language and my sales number reflect my connect with the customers. Why do I need a sales enabling application? Is this really to help me or to monitor me? I don't need it! I think.” said an enthusiastic attendee sitting right in the front row.

510, 2016

Mishmi Takin implements Bsharp Enterprise

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Mishmi Takin International is a Florida based Sportswear Company, specializing in hiking boots and jackets that keep you dry in wet conditions. Mishmi Takin uses Bsharp Enterprise app to engage their sales personnel across geographies.

1609, 2016

Real Time Field Data Collection : 7 Steps to implement in your organization

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Many wars have been won by having field information ahead of competition. Here are 7 steps to implement a mobile based field data collection program with your sales team.

1808, 2016

Accelerate Sales Ops: Get back 12 days

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Collecting market deployment information for the Indian arm of an US Multi-national healthcare firm.

808, 2016

Are they 🙂 OR are they 🙁 – Deciphering customer satisfaction levels

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When you’re developing/refining products and services, customer opinions and satisfaction play a pivotal role. Your customer’s opinions about your field team, stores, products, services, after-sales services and maybe even your Website will affect their LTV (life time value) and also whether or not they are willing to be advocates of your brand.

107, 2016

Learning Advantage: Case Study

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A market leader's journey in building a high business impact mLearning program for their distributed field sales team: 1200 personnel | 22 modules | Over 14K training delivered | 17% increase in premier mix

2804, 2016

Sales enablement through mobile devices: 4 key practices that work!

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Get the returns out of your sales enablement investments. Mobile devices are force multipliers. Here are winning tips on four core mobile sales enablement practices.

2403, 2016

Borrow 960 Eyes: Track your retail launch to success

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Its D Day minus 7. Your latest product is about to be launched. The marketing campaign is going live shortly. But, are your 960 stores across the country ready? BsharpCorp helps you to get real time field information like Merchandising Readiness.

2203, 2016

Sales Blogs: The Definitive List of 101 Best Sales Blogs

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If you want to see the best sales blogs in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide. We researched, read and reviewed 101 of the top sales blogs. And you can filter by category to [...]

503, 2016

Four Mistakes to Avoid During Customer Conversations

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Four Mistakes to Avoid During Customer Conversations Awesome Inc*. had made a fortune selling its awesome widgets, solutions and services. In the last few years the competitive landscape had heated up and the company had [...]

1211, 2015

Your Future: Tracked In Real Time

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REAL TIME PRODUCT LAUNCH METRICS You future = Your next new product. When would you like to know the reception of your new product in the market? At the earliest. In Real Time. Many companies [...]

411, 2015

Project Accompany User: Discovering Moments of Truth

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Moments of Truth Simple app functions can solve complex and persistent field problems. And shine a moment of truth in the customer experience. Here is a a Bsharp case study in discovering user moments of truth. [...]

2809, 2015

How to Listen to and Act Fast on Market Trends Using Sales Enablement Tools

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Do you know the Pulse of your Market? Do you catch market trends just as they are beginning to form so that you initiate timely Actions ? One of the aspects of staying effectively connected with [...]

3107, 2015

Product codes, heavy no more.

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Jim, a pharma field sales rep has scheduled a meeting with a doctor. He packs his product and code documents and is off to his meeting. During the meeting, the doctor questions him on various [...]

2307, 2015

No more head spinning: @YouTube or @Bsharp

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The Learning heads were spinning! With its deliberate head churning, the YouTube ad created a market not just for offline videos but also for spondylitis treatments. Entertainment on-mobile is an odious experience in India’s 3G networks! [...]

1311, 2014

Bsharp: The direction of our dreams

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  "I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to life the life which he has imagined; he will meet with success unexpected in common [...]

1806, 2014

MerchMagix: Retail Hygiene – The Smart Way

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Bsharp is proud to announce the launch and the first customer implementation of MerchMagix. MerchMagix a combination of a platform (Android App) and a service (Analytics) that helps companies drive retail excellence. You always knew [...]

2305, 2014

Is LMS Dead?

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We looked up for "Is LMS Dead?" and found a hundred different articles – some as early as 2007. In technology terms, these seven years are equivalent of a century. So, if still we are [...]

1405, 2014

Pitch Perfect

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“We have no way to make sure that sales person is pitching the right mix of products with the right message  and not just selling what is easy to sell”, says a IT Enterprise Sales Head. “We [...]

2003, 2014

Better sales and marketing collaboration through new technologies

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Do you know the Pulse of your Market? And do you know it in time so that some thing can be done about it? One of the aspects of staying effectively connected with the pulse [...]

3011, 2013

Game or no-game ?

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Who says learning can't be fun ?  We have seen consistently that bundling right content with fun filled delivery elements provide impactful results. That is why we bring our content and sales experts together with [...]

1511, 2013

Are you sensing ?

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One of the aspects of staying effectively connected with the salesperson is to hear what he or she has to say. And we are not talking about feedback forms and itemized checklists here. The field [...]

1511, 2013

Making the Learnings Stick

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Whether you are pepping up your sales team for a new sales campaign , or gearing them up for a new product launch, one of the key challenges faced by the companies today is how [...]

411, 2013

The Bsharp Sales Blog

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Hi, Let us discuss various aspects of Sales Person engagement through this blog. We think blogs should be short - 10 lines max. We think it should convey a powerful idea. And let the reader [...]