Your Future: Tracked In Real Time

REAL TIME PRODUCT LAUNCH METRICS You future = Your next new product. When would you like to know the reception of your new product in the market? At the earliest. In Real Time. Many companies let the product trickle through the market and wait for the reactions to flow back. By the time you hear back, it is already too late to adjust your marketing mix. How about Real Time launch metrics for your latest products? Broken down by action stages required for product success? The platform will have to co-opt the sales person across the market into this process – by gamifying the entire product launch process. That will help the Product Manager track the new product’s progress every morning. Make real time changes to the strategy. Provide sales enablement inputs to the team to ensure launch velocity. That will also help the field team know where exactly they stand vs. their peers. They can pull in additional actions to accelerate their progress. Stages of Action The fully responsive platform can break the entire product launch process into a series of action stages. Now, assign Decision Makers to each sales person. The sales persons update the system on progress and feedback at every stage. Let us assume the launch of a health care product. The challenge is to move the influencers across the stages and help them adopt the product. The stages could be as below: The stages of action can be configured as per your launch plan. Enable Sales: Key Assets All key assets of the product are shared with the sales person through this platform – one area to look for all product collateral and videos. Enable Sales: Product Training Apart from the face to face training, [...]