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Project Accompany User: Discovering Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth Simple app functions can solve complex and persistent field problems. And shine a moment of truth in the customer experience. Here is a a Bsharp case study in discovering user moments of truth. The Indian arm of a Fortune 20 Pharma company wanted Bsharp to provide sales enablement software on tablets with an objective to “Maximise the value of the customer facing minute”. We had great inputs from the corporate team of the Pharma major. Put in a continuous learning feature with Certification functionality. Check. Put in a “Messaging Wizard” – a system that will recommend “Talk Tracks”. Done. Make product assets (videos, documents, clinical) for e-detailing as per the recommendation of the Messaging Wizard. OK. Capture call details for analytics and follow-ups. Sure thing. Did the field team want anything more? Did the user know more than what the corporate office personnel wanted? We did a 3-day “Accompany the sales person” exercise with the Pharma major’s sales reps. Mission Accompany The sales person’s pain points might be very different from those identified in the corporate office. We tracked their days and observed the challenges. We went on a 3 day visit with a sales rep in Kerala to understand his life and concerns. We went to the God's own country. One of the outcomes of the visit was the “Code Search” feature. A feature that turned out to be very popular and addressed a problem that only the field sales person knew existed. The field rep’s problem Identifying the right SKU code for the Doctor from a 2000 SKU catalogue. It was currently done through the 80 page "SKU Bible". It took time to identify the right SKU the good Doctor wanted. Highlighting equivalent and near [...]

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Product codes, heavy no more.

Jim, a pharma field sales rep has scheduled a meeting with a doctor. He packs his product and code documents and is off to his meeting. During the meeting, the doctor questions him on various products, their codes, their specification and obviously differences in specification. Jim pulls up his product code booklet to answer the questions and this is what he notices: a)He is lost for thought when the doctor keeps shooting different product specification at him b)The doctor loses patience and interest when he fails to keep up with his requests of information on near-equivalent codes. c)He is out of the doctor’s cabin because he ran out of time and the doctor had to tend to his patients. d)He also has paper cuts from turning pages too quickly. They hurt. Jim is his firm’s top sales performer and the meeting that went south wasn’t his fault. Have you and your sales team faced this situation? You probably have. Quick searches. Organised data. Smart sales companion. Its what they want. The need of the hour is a tool. A tool that is easy to use but has everything the sales front line requires to pull out product codes quickly. The sales front line requires a tool that: 1)Helps to search codes quickly and effortlessly 2)Helps filter searches based on product specifications 3)Helps in making every customer facing minute count Near-equivalent codes. They are different but not different. They are codes that vary because of the subtlest of difference. Near-equivalent codes could be the difference between a positive sale and a lost call. What the sales front line requires: 1)A tool that not only provides codes but also displays their near equivalents. 2)Once the codes are displayed, an option to [...]

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Pitch Perfect

“We have no way to make sure that sales person is pitching the right mix of products with the right message  and not just selling what is easy to sell”, says a IT Enterprise Sales Head. “We think there is a considerable potential of improvement in the sales pitches, especially in our outsourced sales force and our middle 50% sales performers”, says the Sales Head of a pharma company. Sounds familiar? These some of the things that we hear from national sales heads, sales managers and sales training coordinators. That is why we came up with patent pending mobile enabled tools to help your extended sales team make that perfect pitch. Companies have a host of content to support the product in any given situation - they need to be accessible to the sales person at the right time - in front of the customer. Armed with the right mix of mobile enabled training, community learning and tools that they can rely on, your sales team will make perfect pitches across the different markets and geographies. Again and again and again. We do this by: Preparing the Sales Team for the perfect  pitch via short burst training Help pre-call planning with the specific customer scenario Bring up a pitch wizard that will help you configure the right content for the customer: Based on profile and current product usage Creating, administering and assessing  the actual pitch made to the customer via our innovative mobile enabled platform. This is typically delivered on a tablet to the customer. Provide the ability to track the pitches which are delivered and map it against customer results. Bsharp. Pitch Perfect.

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