Add Users Easily

  • Direct addition of individual users
  • Bulk upload of users through Excel
  • Email invite sent to user
  • Send reminder to users who haven’t logged in

Manage Users

Manage Attributes

Add attributes

  • Attributes are fields that are associated with the user
  • You define your own attributes in Infogeon
  • Example: Zone, Mobile Number, Department
  • Fixed attributes: Select attribute from drop down menu
  • Example: Zone: North, South, East, West
  • General attributes: Attribute detail is not fixed – entered by administrator
  • Example: Mobile number
  • The attribute data can be used to pivot value added reports

Flex Groups

  • Create flexible groups of users
  • Define group manager
  • Bulk upload of users through Excel
  • Email invite sent to user
  • Send reminder to users who haven’t logged in

Flex Groups

Define Format

  • Easy process through drag and drop form
  • Upto 20 questions per reporting format
  • Formats like: Text, Number, Email, Date, Radio, Multiple choice
  • Multi-media formats: Image, Voice
  • Add GPS location of reporting

Define Format


Define Periodicity

  • Periodic reports: Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports
  • Example: Daily sales report
  • On Demand reports: To be used any time, as per requirement
  • Example: Customer complaint form

Define Groups

  • Select the group that the report is meant to be deployed
  • It can be a specific flexible group or an attribute group
  • Deploy report

Select Group

Clone Formats

  • Infogeon already have canned report formats created by experts
  • Example: Retail Audit Form, Event feedback form
  • Clone one of the existing formats, modify to suit your requirement
  • Example: Customer complaint form

Add accounts easily

  • Assign accounts to your team easily
  • Bulk upload of accounts
  • The team can assign accounts to themselves
  • The admin can seamlessly reassign accounts using the master account dashboard
  • Deploy forms by accounts
  • Use Account attributes to pivot field data
  • Collect information by account and by users

Define Format

Add product code base instantly

  • Bulk upload all your product codes with their details instantly
  • Deploy forms to capture codes
  • Collect information by account and by users

Grade questions

  • Assign points to answers
  • Get MS Excel downloads of graded forms.
  • Users get score summary by form and by question on their mobile devices.

Grade questions

Send Reports

  • Alerts based on report timelines
  • Enter relevant data as per format and submit
  • Review data submitted earlier
  • Reports not answered for 3 instances go into missed reports

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multimedia reports

Multi-media reports

  • Attach media – photos, voice files to the reports for HQ review
  • Usage scenario: Photo: Retail audit report
  • Usage scenario: Voice: Voice of the customer

Record GPS location

  • Administrator decides if the GPS location has to be recorded
  • The user will get an alert that the GPS is getting recorded

Periodic Reports

On Demand Reports

Send On-demand reports

  • On-demand reports are sent as an when required by user
  • They do not have any pre-defined periodicity
  • Example: Customer Satisfaction Form
  • Collect complete information through defined formats

Manager sends a query

  • Group Managers can send query to the team members
  • Quick query can have: Text answer, Number answer, Y/N answer



Team members answer query

  • Team members fill in answer and submit

Manager gets consolidated view

  • Infogeon collates answers and gives consolidated view to manager
  • Manager can check who responded, who didn’t
  • Manager can mail the data for further analysis

Consolidated View

Review data dashboard

  • Review every report submitted
  • Play media (voice, image files)
  • Download PDF report of individual entry



Download reports from field teams

  • Filter reports by date range – download as XLS
  • All Attribute information intact in results for further pivoting and analysis

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