Who says learning can’t be fun ?  We have seen consistently that bundling right content with fun filled delivery elements provide impactful results. That is why we bring our content and sales experts together with our creative team to device unique gaming elements that provide a lasting impact for your sales team.

We have all the components for a gamified engagement – a configurable points system, a platform that can give points based on every action, badges, leaderboards, contests etc. Depending on the customer and the situation, we develop custom  contests games to make the engagement exciting.

For example, one of the leading technology players wanted to train their sales force on Microsoft Windows 8. We developed the testing through an SMS Quiz – with the prizes given for the “Fastest Finger First”. Similarly, in one of our Workshops, we had to show case the difference between PC and Smartphone numbers. We developed a (offline) Tambola game that will help the team understand the difference in scale.

We also manage the entire gift administration logistics – every week, there are many sales personnel across the country who get their surprise gifts through an email – for the great work they have done for the company.

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