Maximize the value of the customer minute

Bsharp – Healthcare provides the Healthcare Sales Professionals all the tools to enhance the engagement with the customer. The platform provides a blend of planning, messaging and reporting tools to fuel higher sales conversions. Bsharp brings in the experience of engaging over 500 sales professionals in the health care domain.

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Make the Health Care Sales Person more effective

  • Enable mobile training on skills, product knowledge
  • Test product knowledge through assessments
  • Award Certifications, move people across levels
  • Offline training to support low bandwidth areas
Bsharp Healthcare

Bsharp Healthcare Value Proposition

Maximise the value of the customer facing minute
Bsharp Healthcare

Build a detailed customer map

  • Customer list as per account allocation
  • Capture customer account information, product usage information
  • Plan account meeting based on customer current disposition
  • Review all earlier meetings with the customer
  • Record customer complaints for immediate escalation

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The messaging wizard enables great engagement

  • Configure your pitches based on current usage by the customer
  • Talk Tracks to aid Interviewing of the customer
  • Documents, Clinicals, Brochures available for customer showcase
  • Show critical videos to capture customer attention
  • All product assets available offline

Intelligent product recommendations

Get product recommendations based on the profile of the decision maker.

Reporting for action

  • Accurately report customer meetings: GPS tagging – optional
  • Automatically update documents showcased
  • Trigger follow up: Request for documents, samples, OT participation
  • Record customer orders: Personal order book – by SKU

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Arm sales personnel with key performance info

  • Coverage reports – customers yet to be covered for the current cycle
  • Monthly targets
  • Target vs. Actual numbers
  • Personal Order Book by customer

Custom Management Dashboards

  • Customer coverage reports
  • Marketing asset usage reports
  • Alignment of meeting objectives to biz objectives
  • Personal Order Book
  • Customer escalation reports
  • Master customer national database

Custom Dashboards