We looked up for “Is LMS Dead?” and found a hundred different articles – some as early as 2007. In technology terms, these seven years are equivalent of a century.

So, if still we are asking the question, it clearly means that the LMS is NOT dead. It is live, kicking, and it has successfully morphed itself to suit the new age.

At Bsharp, we engage with the extended sales teams of companies and give them tools to make them successful. In a typical scenario, we will have over 1000 sales personnel, spread in 100+ cities in India. The context of the engagement is clearly sales.

So, what did we want in our LMS?

Integrated with the sales process: We said that the learning is not a stand alone activity. It is integrated with the business process of sales. So, learning has to co-exist with product information, sales reporting, documentation and the like.

No “Learning Training”: Of course, our LMS has to be intuitive – no special training should be required to use the platform.

Burst Training: Our target audience are a busy group. They are sales personnel, running behind their monthly targets. Their training have to be for a few minutes a week rather than few hours every quarter. Continuous learning.

Gamified: The sales person has to go through a “game” – win points, badges, be part of the leader board, win prizes. That will provide continuous adrenalin to the sales person.

Collaboration: The sales person should be able to discuss about specific issues around the training and learn from it. How do we enable this collaboration?

Mobile Access: We needed the sales person access the training through the PC, Tablet or Phone. It has to be light and HTML 5.0 compliant.

Quick Production: The sales person requires quick updates – about the product update of the week, the program of the month etc. How do we develop a framework that delivers training on a week on week basis? We needed something that can be built and deployed rapidly.

Scalability: We will have sudden surge in usage when we deploy new courses to a 1000 people on the field. We needed to utilize the scalability that Amazon EC2/S3 combination offered to serve content.

Others: Of course, we needed to role based assignment of training. We needed compliance reports. We needed comprehensive assessments. We needed quick quizzes that pop up in between every learning object.

The conventional LMS we found in the market were not focused our specific requirements. Not with a great user interface. Not at the kind of price companies will be willing to pay for training extended sales teams.

So, we designed and implemented our own Learning System, integrated into our core Sales Person enablement product – Field-in-sync. Our Learning System offers all of the above, and maximizes the impact on sales.

The LMS is not dead. It has morphed itself into an light, inexpensive, easy to use, gamified, social, mobile, business integrated avthar, that is served from the cloud.