Publish Formal mLearning Courses

  • Bsharp mLearning allows you to host HTML 5.0 enabled courses, complete with Voice Overs, Interactivity and Quiz.
  • Download the training to the mobile device for offline consumption. This provides users a smooth and seamless mobile training experience.
  • Organise your field teams by Groups and deploy training to any specific group. Your field sales team, their managers, the channel partners, the distributors – all can have distinct content, tailored for their specific needs.
Offline Trainings


  • The power to assess a given group is now in your hands. Play around with multiple types of questions to remove user fatigue to assessments.
  • Provide them with explanation on answer choices to convert assessment into learning.
  • Conduct timed assessments. Draw questions from a pool. Provide scores and pass percentages
  • Understand the knowledge retention scores of your participants through Bsharp mLearning.


  • Bunch up a set of courses into a Certification. Set up the Certification criteria and award users who qualify.
  • One of our customers have Induction certification for users who have just joined their sales system.
  • Bsharp mLearning gives you the ability to design your custom branded certificate for your users.
Select Group

Provide Sales Reference Material

  • The latest price list, a scheme document, a product video – all are great sources of learning in a fast moving sales environment. The sales community needs to have them instantly to maximize conversions.
  • Bsharp mLearning provides an unified framework to share field updates. The documents are accessible offline on the Bsharp mobile app. Share documents, voice files, videos, web links instantly.
  • Want to check the understanding of the sales community? Go ahead and put in an assessment after your update.
  • Want to get their feedback on the new plan? Alright, they can rate the update.
Manage Users
Manage Attributes

Product Information

  • Build your entire product hierarchy in the system. Share all product information to the sales community : Demos, Videos, Presentations, Brochures.
  • Provide “Talk Tracks” to help the user ask the right questions during the meeting. Give them key talking points and competition handling strategies.
  • Bsharp mLearning allows the sales person to showcase the content during customer meetings
  • Access to the relevant product codes right from the product page.

Product Codes

  • Companies with steep product tradition have hundreds, if not thousands of product codes for their various product ranges.
  • It is important for the sales person to search and recommend the right product code for the customer during the conversation.
  • Bsharp allows you to configure the attributes of the product and upload product codes into the system. The correct product code for the customer’s need is just a fluid search away.
Flex Groups

How will you sustain the mLearning program?

  • Bsharp mLearning offers a points system that forms the basis of sustainability. Actions on the site can earn the user points.
  • Based on the points earned, the system organises people in levels – Platinum, Gold, Silver.
  • You have “Leaderboards” based on points earnt. Bsharp mLearning even gives you the ability to display the leaderboards by the various business groups. This ensures that the overall engagement.
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  • For the mLearning program to be successful, continuous 360 degree communication is required.
  • The Bsharp mLearning platform helps you to communicate to the users segments through notifications, email and text messages.
  • This forms a critical glue to get the users back into the platform for continuous engagement.

Discussion Forum

  • Set up topics for specific groups of people in your team. Get them to respond back with their opinions.
  • Have fine grained control in terms of the users and their contribution to the form – reject any user or content as required.
  • This helps users to learn from their peers and get new insights. This also helps Product Managers to get a feedback from the field teams.

Easy User Management

  • Add Users – individually or as a bulk upload. Manage user attributes including Partner Organization.
  • Assign multiple Managers to drive reporting and usage. Allow field managers to review user engagement and remove users when required.
  • Assign them into groups and publish all content by specific groups. Bsharp mLearning provides a Text Messaging based One Time Link process for first time logins.

Document Analytics

  • Create detailed views on the document consumption – PDF, MP3, MP4, Training –by the team members. You get a unified report for the PC and the Smartphone consumption.
  • The Smartphone consumption data is recorded even if the user is offline and synced back on next connection.
  • Know the number of times the document is used, who is using it, the total time spent and the average time.
  • Get visibility into Trending documents and training.

Training Analytics

  • Get detailed views on who has completed your courses and those who haven’t. View by individual training, users, time period, teams to get reports and drive usage across the organization
  • Create multiple views of the report to share it to the various regional stake holders who can drive their teams for completion.
  • Similar reports are available for User Login and Discussion Forums also.

End to End

  • Bsharp manages the program end to end as a additional Professional Service.
  • A continuous feed of content is critical for the field engagement. Bsharp works with the customer in planning the content cadence. We then get the training raw material from the company, enhance it, get it approved and upload it in the platform as per the cadence planned.
  • Bsharp also manages aspects like User Management, Field Communication, developing value added reports and Awards administration as part of this service.

All Devices

  • The Bsharp mLearning platform is designed as Mobile First, but is available in all the critical form factors – the PC, Tablet and Smartphones.
  • Highly optimised native apps on the Android and iOS front provide a secure and speedy user experience.

Brand Customization

  • Large brands with thousands of sales personnel will require custom branded app, published in the app store.
  • This need to have brand customization will also be driven by the marketing, trade mark, legal and regulatory compliance requirements of the organization.
  • Similarly, they will have custom data capture and workflow requirements for various aspects of the program including user creation, content approval etc.
  • Bsharp mLearning works with the enterprises on these aspects providing a platform that is complaint to all the stake holders requirements.
  • The app is typically bespoke for the enterprise and Bsharp will upgrade the app on an periodical basis, ensuring that the users get the latest features.


  • Security is a multi-step process in Bsharp and is comprehensive to meet your Enterprise norms.
  • Every employee of Bsharp is oriented in organizational security and has systems that are security compliant.
  • The platform allows for different password policies – from a simple numeric password with a 8 letter password with special characters and numeric fields.
  • The system has password expiry on multiple attempts and declines if the same password is reset.
  • The enterprise content management services are hosted in AWS and are regularly patched. The the code base and the core database is restricted accessible only through certified systems.
  • The communication between the server and the client is driven by 256 bit SSL encryption.
  • The system builds a rolling 30 day data back for any server eventuality.
  • We are glad to engage with the IT Departments to showcase the various security aspects of the platform.


  • Every user on the Bsharp mLearning program can access Bsharp’s support, right from the mobile application. Bsharp will respond back on phone or email based on the severity of the support issue.
  • Company administrators and managers have access to Bsharp’s Customer Success Managers for handling the various aspects of the program.
  • Bsharp conducts Quarterly Business Meeting with key customers to get roadmap inputs, share roadmaps and fine tune the program towards the customer’s business direction.