The Learning heads were spinning!

With its deliberate head churning, the YouTube ad created a market not just for offline videos but also for spondylitis treatments.

Entertainment on-mobile is an odious experience in India’s 3G networks! Now make that 1. Online training  2. For a sales person in pursuit of targets 3. On the road in hinterland 4. On 2G. It just became atrociously odious.

More training on Smartphone apps than PC

The inflection was in early ’15. Bsharp started delivering more training (numbers) through mobile apps that through the PC browser.

The mobile phone was convenient learning device. But it was a slow, deliberate experience to complete the training on phone. The salesperson had neither the time nor the patience.

Bsharp’s content with voice-overs made it even heavier.

User Speak: At the Bsharp User Meet

Our moment of truth was during a User Meet in April 2015. The sales teams were very happy with the content but wanted an infinitely better experience.

To make it better, our customers wanted to make the training lighter – may be without the voice overs. A move that will reduce the impact of the training.

Training Offline: On your smartphone app

Rapidly reacting to feedback, we launched the Bsharp Offline Training feature in May 2015. Now, users can download the training offline and complete it in the convenience of their retail market. No compromises on the content quality. And no more waiting!

What was “head spinning” in April turned out to be an easy learning experience in May. The adoption of training on the smartphone has accelerated further.

Soon, we will be rolling out a set of value added features in offline learning, across our apps.

No more spondylitis treatments. Happy selling.

Bsharp: The Sales Person’s Companion App.