Every enterprise with a sales team will require services around Bsharp’s core value propositions: mLearning, Intelligent Showcases and Field data insights. Deploy the award winning Bsharp sales enablement products with your customers. Benefit from the long term engagement this opens up. 

Multiply: The Partner Program

Partner with Bsharp to offer these mission critical and “sticky” value offerings to your customers. Offer Professional Services (including content, community building and analytics) using Bsharp’s tried and tested methodology. Or just own the customer engagement while Bsharp offers the services too.  Benefit from the long term engagement and the recurring revenues.

  • Free to join with structured deliverables from Bsharp and you
  • Pre-sales assistance, sales person training, access to sales and marketing material
  • Joint customer meetings/demos/pilots
  • Access to the Bsharp demo account
  • Comprehensive Large Deal management process
  • Share of the recurring revenue stream

Join hands with Bsharp, a fast growing company in the Sales Enablement space.

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Multiply your revenues – product, services

Selling Bsharp’s products will open up a stream of revenues for you. First is the recurring revenue from the sale of user licences, shared with you as per the Bsharp Multiply policy. On top of that, you offer a series of services on top of the product, which will bring in service revenues. Bsharp’s “Service Delivery Methodology and Learnings” will help you to set up these offerings rapidly.

The Bsharp Multiply program engages the partners and helps them realise long term revenue from multiple streams.

  • mLearning: Run the company’s mLearning program by building a community of users and engaging them through the mobile.
  • Content Development: Develop trainings, videos, HTML content that the field team can use with their customers.
  • Analytics Service: Provide a flexible analytics offering to your customer on top of the data collected by the Bsharp platform.

Shoot us an email to gops@bsharp.in. Give us a brief background, your website, your number and a preferred time to call. We will call you back with the details.