Project Description

Quality of customer interaction

A credit card company wants to capture feedback of the Sales Person’s interaction with the customers in a retail outlet. They want to understand different dimensions of the interaction including,

Customer Feedback

  • Contact process
  • Ease of planning the meeting with the sales person
  • Knowledge levels of the sales person
  • The quality of interaction of the sales person
  • The overall quality of interaction

They also optionally want the voice of the customer recorded for individual feedback.

Earlier, they would have developed a mobile app for this, going through the entire planning cycle. They need to get a new version of the app compiled for every change in the formats. Enter Infogeon.

Now, they could set up an Infogeon account and deploy the app in the mobile phone of the sales personnel.

With the explicit permission from the sales personnel, the company can also collect GPS (Lat-long) information about the place of report submission.

As the sales personnel submit the information, managers of the company can review the individual forms and create action plans. They can also get an Excel summary of all submissions for further analysis.

Infogeon also allows attributes like Region, Team, Product to be added to the entry. As a result, managers can “cut” the data into different views and sharpen then analysis.