Project Description

Health Care Event Reporting

Product launches in the health care industry is driven by small format events that are conducted in multiple cities across the country.

Health Care

Currently, all the events are tracked through paper forms or specialised applications. How can the Marketing Manager track all the events through one centralized dashboard?

The Marketing Manager needs to get the following information:

  • Event date, city, venue details
  • Event speakers
  • Participation level of different type of stake holders
  • Participation of key customers
  • Photographs of the event
  • Comments of some of the customers in the event
  • Voice recording of some of the customers in the event

Enter BsharpCorp.

The Marketing Manager can configure event feedback and customer feedback form individually as an OnDemand Report in BsharpCorp.

The field teams and the event agencies will have it in their tablets. They will record the event details upon completion.

The Marketing Manager then could extract reports from the dashboard.

Record Voice of the customer: