Project Description

Retail Audit

Just imagine a large computer brand. In a country like India, large computer brands will have over 1000 stores – spread over 600 cities. Store Auditors visit the stores to collect critical information – information that will ensure that the Customer Experience is uniform across the stores.

Retail Audit

The auditors review the store in terms of : 1. Personnel readiness 2. Merchandising 3. Stock readiness 4. Competition. They had to record the GPS location, the photograph and sometimes the voice of the store owner.

Earlier, the auditors used to fill in through a excel sheet or a paper questionnaire. The information was not instantly available for review – it required lot of collation.

Some of the brands developed a mobile app to get these questions mapped. Every now and then the questions used to change – they had to get another version of the app made.

With Bsharp, you could easily create the audit and deploy in your field teams. The typical questions for the audit are given below.

With this, the Retail Managers will get to understand the status of each store instantly. They can create additional questionnaires to get other aspects of the store.

Operations team can focus on addressing the issues that come out of the audit.

This will ensure uniform customer experience across all the stores.

Retail Audit: Questions and Bsharp Question Type: