Jim, a pharma field sales rep has scheduled a meeting with a doctor. He packs his product and code documents and is off to his meeting. During the meeting, the doctor questions him on various products, their codes, their specification and obviously differences in specification.

Jim pulls up his product code booklet to answer the questions and this is what he notices:

a)He is lost for thought when the doctor keeps shooting different product specification at him
b)The doctor loses patience and interest when he fails to keep up with his requests of information on near-equivalent codes.
c)He is out of the doctor’s cabin because he ran out of time and the doctor had to tend to his patients.
d)He also has paper cuts from turning pages too quickly. They hurt.

Jim is his firm’s top sales performer and the meeting that went south wasn’t his fault.

Have you and your sales team faced this situation? You probably have.

Quick searches. Organised data. Smart sales companion. Its what they want.

The need of the hour is a tool. A tool that is easy to use but has everything the sales front line requires to pull out product codes quickly.

The sales front line requires a tool that:
1)Helps to search codes quickly and effortlessly
2)Helps filter searches based on product specifications
3)Helps in making every customer facing minute count

Near-equivalent codes. They are different but not different.

They are codes that vary because of the subtlest of difference. Near-equivalent codes could be the difference between a positive sale and a lost call.

What the sales front line requires:
1)A tool that not only provides codes but also displays their near equivalents.
2)Once the codes are displayed, an option to compare all codes would be the icing on the cake

Bsharp’s Code Search

Our experience with field teams across industries has taught us that in sales, speed is essential and keeping the customer engaged is an imperative.

code search

Our Code search app that’s available on the Android and the iOS helps the user search for codes quickly. If you don’t remember codes, just filter based on specifications.

It searches codes for you, shows their near-equivalents if any and lets you compare the lot. Oh! and its configurable to your needs.

Code Search. No more heavy booklets. No more uninterested customers. No more paper cuts.

Happy selling