Moments of Truth

Simple app functions can solve complex and persistent field problems. And shine a moment of truth in the customer experience. Here is a a Bsharp case study in discovering user moments of truth.

The Indian arm of a Fortune 20 Pharma company wanted Bsharp to provide sales enablement software on tablets with an objective to “Maximise the value of the customer facing minute”.

We had great inputs from the corporate team of the Pharma major. Put in a continuous learning feature with Certification functionality. Check. Put in a “Messaging Wizard” – a system that will recommend “Talk Tracks”. Done.

Make product assets (videos, documents, clinical) for e-detailing as per the recommendation of the Messaging Wizard. OK. Capture call details for analytics and follow-ups. Sure thing.

Did the field team want anything more? Did the user know more than what the corporate office personnel wanted? We did a 3-day “Accompany the sales person” exercise with the Pharma major’s sales reps.

Mission Accompany

The sales person’s pain points might be very different from those identified in the corporate office.

We tracked their days and observed the challenges. We went on a 3 day visit with a sales rep in Kerala to understand his life and concerns. We went to the God’s own country.

One of the outcomes of the visit was the “Code Search” feature. A feature that turned out to be very popular and addressed a problem that only the field sales person knew existed.

The field rep’s problem

Identifying the right SKU code for the Doctor from a 2000 SKU catalogue. It was currently done through the 80 page “SKU Bible”. It took time to identify the right SKU the good Doctor wanted.

Highlighting equivalent and near equivalent options: Doctor can do with a SKU that is +/- 3% equivalent to a given SKU, provided the price is right. If the Doctor asks that question, the rep will take more time to identify the equivalent SKU.

Discussing the pricing and features of the options.

The Result: Bsharp Code Search Feature

Fluid Code Search: Enter any feature, specification in the search box. The system displays  the products that fit. This might be followed by an e-detailing session.

Equivalent – Near Equivalent: The system shows Equivalent and Near Equivalent SKUs. The Rep can now talk options to the customer.

SKU Comparator: The rep can load up to 4 different SKUs onto the comparator. He can sit with the customer and decide on the SKU to use.

Managed Backend: The Codes, Features, Inventory levels, Prices of the SKUs is managed through a secure backend platform.

code search

Moment of truth

The code search feature gave back the sales person about 2 incremental customer-facing minutes, out of the total call duration of ~7 minutes.

That is 28% more time for customer messaging. The customer messaging was also more impactful due to the videos and clinical that the sales person could easily refer to in the app. Besides the customer thought it was a smart way to selling.

A simple nifty feature that came up through user feedback created a high impact.

We learnt “Moment of Truth” discovery requires extreme humility.

Humility to approach the user not in a “my app is God’s gift” mode, but like a humble truth seeker.

Humility to not talk phrases like “User Interface”, “Engagement paradigm”, “On-demand data” to the innocent user, with a thought that somehow they will understand and be impressed.

Humility to become them. Humility to identify with their problems.

Humility to not believe that what YOU think is actually the problem. And that it is only appropriate that the user should come around and subscribe to it.

Hidden in that experience is a gem. That simple, very obvious, yet supremely camouflaged feature that will brighten the user’s day.

Find that and you win her.

The Bsharp team is focused on understanding the sales person’s life and building sales enablement software that shine a moment of truth.


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