Four Mistakes to Avoid During Customer Conversations

Four Mistakes to Avoid During Customer Conversations Awesome Inc*. had made a fortune selling its awesome widgets, solutions and services. In the last few years the competitive landscape had heated up and the company had increasing pressure to sell more and more using limited resources. They had armed the sales team with new gadgets and shiny tablets loaded with digital marketing content created by their awesome marketing division. The team could now showcase the awesome marketing content to our new and existing customers. “Awesome stuff”, the customers would exclaim, as new customers became big customers and big customers became bigger customers. That was the plan. The reality was that despite having all the awesome content in a mobile device, all those shiny widgets, fancy tablets and great content were not working as effectively as they should. This inference was made based on customer feedbacks and customer call coverage analysis. So Awesome Inc. sales leadership spoke to a sample of the customers and uncovered this list of mistakes they were making. Mistakes to avoid during customer conversations. Mistake 1: Having the same conversation again and again. Awesome Inc. had a lot of widgets, solutions and services in their offering list - and therefore a lot of marketing assets. It was impossible to track the specific variant of sales collateral that had been showcased in the past - especially when several of these digital assets were used in each meeting. Mistake 2: Giving redundant information to the Customer. Awesome Inc. had provided their sales team a tablet full of awesome digital content created by their awesome marketing team. The content was carefully designed to address specific segment of audience. But despite this, the showcased content was often [...]