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Mobile Sales Enablement Platform

Be in sync. Sell More. Sell Better.

Learning Lifestyle

For a mission ready team. Train, assess, certify. 

Train           Engage


Data Lifestyle

Collect field reports in real time. Listen fast. Act fast. 

Forms          Dashboard


Distribution of Leads

Share leads. Enable one touch lead management. 


Enable a range of usage models

Why us? With Bsharp you can enable multiple usage models for your changing business situation. Our designers have a simple goal: Sales people need to use this app in at least 7 scenarios every day!

Continuous Learning

New People. New Products. New Programs. How do you make learning a culture?

Streamline Data Collection

Getting real time field data = Competitive advantage!

New Product Success

Empower the sales team with 360 degree product knowledge.

New Employee Induction

The fastest way to induct. Accessible, flexible, cost effective.

Applicable across industries

CE. Healthcare. Accessories. Garments. Bsharp delivers value for sales people across industries.

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Impact Across Industries

Over 15000 sales personnel from industries like Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Garment, Telecom use Bsharp’s sales enablement platform.

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