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Enable your sales team for high performance. 

Enhance sales productivity through mLearning and mobile sales reporting with BsharpCorp.

mLearning, Data Collection
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Mobile Sales Enablement Platform

For the field personnel, Bsharp is a one stop app to
access selling information, complete sales training and share sales reports. Available in Android & iOS.

Share Information

Inform Share Documents

Create channels. Share links, documents,
videos to targeted users or groups.

mLearning, Assessment

mLearning, mAssessment

Upload sales training. Drive adoption. Discuss. Clarify. Create assessments. Certify.

Collect Sales Reports

Collect Sales Data

Make your own format: With customers, SKUs. Get data with GPS, Photo, Voice.

View Dashboards

Get Analytics

Review content consumption and assessment results. Have Insight, GPS view of sales reports.



Easy on-boarding for your company and your users. Go live now.


Bsharp offers enterprise class security and compliance to your IT policies.

Enable a range of usage models.

Why us? With Bsharp you can enable multiple usage models for your changing business situation. Our designers have a simple goal: Sales people need to use this app in at least 7 scenarios every day!

Foster a continuous
learning environment.
Train and empower salesperson successfully.

For successful companies, training is not a “once in a year” affair. learning needs to happen everyday.


Getting new employees
mission ready-
How about going online?

Induction is a must for every new employee to be productive and hit targets, It’s advantageous if it is easily accessible, flexible and cost effective.

Ensure Your new product
success. Sale team can make or break the business.

Empower sales people with 3600 product knowledge and create sales momentum.

Streamline sales data collection: Leverage mobile technology.

Many wars have been won by having field information ahead of competition

Getting Real Time Data = Competitive Advantage!


Impact Across Industries

Over 22000 sales personnel from
Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Garment,
Telecom industries use Bsharp’s sales enablement platform.

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