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3 Steps to audit your retail stores. Comfortably.

Let’s imagine you have an outsourced field team. Typically people who are not part of your payroll. Field personnel who are the hard to coordinate with. And now, you expect them, to audit your stores, send you the updates. They obviously share the audit info using communication channels such as email, orphan Excel sheets and calls.

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Why does my top sales performer need a sales enabling application?

While attending a recent sales meet where our application was being launched, I encountered the Moby Dick of all Q and A rounds. “I have been the top performer for the past two years. I speak the local language and my sales number reflect my connect with the customers. Why do I need a sales enabling application? Is this really to help me or to monitor me? I don't need it! I think.” said an enthusiastic attendee sitting right in the front row.

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Are they :) OR are they :( – Deciphering customer satisfaction levels

When you’re developing/refining products and services, customer opinions and satisfaction play a pivotal role. Your customer’s opinions about your field team, stores, products, services, after-sales services and maybe even your Website will affect their LTV (life time value) and also whether or not they are willing to be advocates of your brand.

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