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Getting your new employee floor ready

Getting your new employee floor ready Zero Day to Floor Day: How many days in between? Personnel change across your retail stores is a matter of fact. Most retail businesses operate at around 3-5% personnel churn every month. Given that reality, how do you get the new employee oriented? [...]

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Your next product launch and a mission ready sales team

Success of Sales Enablement Team & Product Launches Product launches are typically make or break times for most companies. It is the perfect opportunity for the Sales Enablement teams to pitch in strongly to enhance the objectives. A field ready sales team gives a 30-45 head start for achieving [...]

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Lazy Learner’s Syndrome: mLearning as a tool for Product Introductions

Lazy Learner’s Syndrome and mLearning You thought you have pretty much mastered it. You know the new product inside out. “I can crack this”,  you think after the training, "I can remember the product features very well. I can ace the mLearning quiz and the demo there after. " [...]

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Can mobile learning increase sales?

It is over 3.5 years since the first customer went live on the­ Bsharp field sales engagement platform. Our core assumptions: We spend a lot of time on the core assumptions of the business - Companies will want to train, engage, empower field force on their mobile phones. Sales persons [...]

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This is what retail store managers ought to learn from soccer

If you missed the clash between Barcelona and PSG on 9th March 2017, this is what the score card looked like... Barcelona 1. PSG 0. Barcelona 2. PSG 0. Barcelona 3. PSG 0. Barcelona 3. PSG 1. Barcelona 4.  PSG 1. Barcelona 5.  PSG 1. Barcelona 6. PSG out of the [...]

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What everybody ought to know about retail store audits

Field visits are great. Especially, when the audits require one of your audits/you to audit each of your stores, paper and pen in hand. Also, you need a smartphone to capture images of the store. You then need a collator (machine/person).  Let’s call this collator, Sam. Sam then takes the [...]

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3 Steps to audit your retail stores. Comfortably.

Let’s imagine you have an outsourced field team. Typically people who are not part of your payroll. Field personnel who are the hard to coordinate with. And now, you expect them, to audit your stores, send you the updates. They obviously share the audit info using communication channels such as email, orphan Excel sheets and calls.

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Why does my top sales performer need a sales enabling application?

While attending a recent sales meet where our application was being launched, I encountered the Moby Dick of all Q and A rounds. “I have been the top performer for the past two years. I speak the local language and my sales number reflect my connect with the customers. Why do I need a sales enabling application? Is this really to help me or to monitor me? I don't need it! I think.” said an enthusiastic attendee sitting right in the front row.

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