Streamline field data collection and analysis

Use pre-defined templates. Set up your own format for sales reports.

A systematic way to collect field information

Collect time critical field information like attendance, merchandising deployed, new product feedback, customer meetings and competitive updates. Use a pre-existing template or define your own format.

  • Define reporting formats with the fields you need

  • Collect text, number, images, GPS, videos, bar code and more

  • Add the ability to report against a pre-defined customer entity

  • Upload your product list and get reports with your SKU details

  • Assign points for answer choices to get a graded audit performed

  • Deploy the format to a specific team within the organisation

Available on the field team mobile devices

The forms defined are available in the mobile devices of the field team members instantly.

They can submit the information, even when they are offline. Bsharp pushes the information back to the servers when are connected.

Set up filters for the data view you want

Filter the data collected by user, product or customer account attributes.

Bsharp allows you to filter the data to suite your unique view of the organization. By brands. By channel type. By region. By team. You got them all.

See what we have pre-made for you

Bsharp comes with pre-made templates that handle a variety of situations. Now you could easily clone the templates, add your own flavor to it and deploy them.

  • Retail hygiene and audit

  • Healthcare customer meetings template

  • Customer satisfaction measurement

  • Field route trainer delivery tracker

  • Field route trainer delivery tracker

  • Field event reporting and pipeline capture


Define attributes for more insights


Define “Customer Attribute” to pivot by customer type. For example: A healthcare customer might classify hospitals by number of beds.


Define “Product Attributes” to get deeper product insight. For example, a PC vendor might define a product by the processor.


Collect GPS location of form submission area – lay it out on a map. Have a geo-view of your field coverage.

Streamline : Usage models our customers have enabled

Collect field information with photos, voice, videos, barcode, customer names, product codes and more!