Communicate and engage

Communication is the first step to building engagement. With engagement, you can drive the team to a common goal and sales glory. Bsharp provides simple and powerful tools to drive engagement.

Communicate through text, email, app notification

Bsharp platform allows you to communicate easily to the users: Through text, email and app notification. This will help you get the mindshare for the engagement you need.

Need to remind the team to complete a training? On an impending deadline for a form? Administrators can get their message across at the press of a button.

Bsharp enables easy, granular communication with the users.

Engage with social media like tools

  • Set up discussions on any specific topic, with any team

  • Set up live discussions with hundreds of users online at the same time.

  • Enable users to like, comment on content and check the number of views

  • Conduct competitions based on user generated content and content likes

Learning leaderboards and certificates for that extra nudge

  • Earn points on completion of training

  • Know your position in your regional &
    country leaderboards

  • Certify the users based on specific criteria – like time spent on a module or passing score

  • Design and deploy your own certificates – to reflect your brand and program


Usage models our customers have enabled