Sell More: Share leads, track them to closure

Efficiently allocate leads to field personnel

The first port of call for every customer is your website. The customer fills up a form. Asks for someone to get in touch with them. Then… ? The entire scramble begins. The lead travels through the org chain in excel sheets. Precious days whizz past. Then the lead turns cold. Bsharp brings you a better way.

  • Directly allocate social media, phone leads to sales personnel

  • Identify recipient based on geography, win ratio and velocity of closure

  • Allocate to one, two or three sales personnel based on your business

  • Tag product, campaign information to understand conversion ratios

  • Set up deal stages and track the lead through the stages

  • Deal is from a specific customer account? Allocate it to the account manager

One touch lead management

For field sales personnel, the Bsharp app is an easy way to manage leads. No more laborious updates.

  • Have a snapshot of your leads, velocity and key actions for the day

  • Filter leads by products, campaign, deal stage for focused follow-ups

  • Update stage movements with notes to track progress

  • Allow for one touch updates, reminders and notes

  • One touch customer contact: Trigger an email, phone call or SMS

  • Access relevant product content for customer showcase

  • Maintain a history of every engagement and stage movement

Be in control of your leads

What happens after you allocate the deal to the field sales person in the relevant city? What is its velocity? Do you need to re-allocate? What is your closure rate?

  • Track leads through its entire lifecycle. Understand closure rate, velocity.

  • Check out on metrics by product and program to fine your strategy

  • Know the latest status of the deal even if you have allocated the same lead to three different sales personnel

  • If the lead is allocated to a specific account, shift the lead to a new user when the account is shifted

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