Ready reference product code catalogue.

Bsharp allows you to maintain the product code catalogue. Use it for ready reference and for product code based reporting.

Use your product codes to report

Most field reports involve product codes. Like daily sales reports, inventory reports, product escalation reports. Search, report using your product codes using the Bsharp system.

Use Product Codes in conjunction with Forms and Accounts.

Deploy Product Code

Deploy forms which refer to the product codes. Collect data with specific codes.

Utilize any of the standard formats available. 3 code based reporting formats:

  • Standard unit reporting
  • Units with revenue
  • Units with revenue and discounts

This can be deployed in conjunction with Customer Accounts

Get field insights

The user can fill in the form against the product codes and against specific customer.

The user data along with User’s attributes, Product Code attributes and Account attributes.

Pivot against specific attributes to derive unique insights.

Product Code based reporting : An Example

Think of a medical sales rep discussing the product with the Doctor. Later, the rep needs to report out the orders placed by the good Doctor on the distributor. Bsharp enable such a scenario out of the box.