Sales team engagement through communication

Create channels. Share relevant information – to individuals or groups.

Streamline Seller Communication

Set up a training channel. A product channel may be? A competitive channel perhaps? Deploy content as modules in the channels. Add documents, videos, quiz, discussions, certification to every module.

Manage Users and set up user interaction

User management

Add new users individually or in bulk. Modify, delete or disable/block user. Create user attributes and group them as required. Check logs for user details.

Assign permissions to individuals or groups to nominate other users. Administer control over added users, approve nominated users.

User interaction

Easy way to get field feedback on the actions. Set up a discussion forum. Manage FAQs Have a content owner to moderate.

Train, Certify, Discuss with the team. Communicate important updates. Ask for module rating with comments to improve quality.

Exercise Fine Grained Control

Control how long the module will be visible and to whom. Set up reminders for users and the admin about the deadline. Share module progress automatically with the administrator.

Get metrics of content consumption


Who has viewed and not viewed the module?

Time Spent

How much time has been spent on this?


What is the user feedback?


Send out reminders for users to view.