Train & Assess: Get your field team mission ready

Easily convert any document, video or a HTML training output into a full fledged training program. The sales person can complete the training and assessment any time, any where on the smartphone.

Streamline seller communication

Bsharp organises content by channels. Set up a channel. Deploy modules. Inside modules, add sections. Inside sections, include training, documents, videos, quiz, discussions, certification.

  • Set up channels towards specific type of content

  • Upload modules with multiple reference documents

  • Add ability to rate the module, conduct a quiz

  • Set up a discussion about the module

  • All in a millennial sales person friendly, easy to use, image driven interface

Train and Assess field sales team

Induct with speed. Launch products with a trained team. Make sure every member knows how to leverage your promotions. Inform, train, assess and certify your field team with Bsharp. Set up a culture of continuous learning.

  • Publish PDF, DOC, PPT, MP4, MP3, SCORM 1.2, 2004 (HTML 5.0), Links as content

  • Intersperse with quizzes to evaluate understanding

  • Add a document likes, views and discussions for social media like experience

  • Format your own certificate

  • Set minimum viewing time and manage download options

  • Deploy the course to a targeted set of users

  • Have complete analytics on engagement, course consumption and quiz scores

The ABCD of building a sustainable learning program


Get detailed completion reports for follow-up


Users get points and move up on the leaderboard


Communicate through Notification, Text Message with ease.


Get higher engagement through discussion forum.

Reinforce, measure learning with assessments

Questioning is a key pillar of successful communication. It helps the trainer to enhance engagement, learn through multiple iterations and assess the overall learning levels. Bsharp allows multiple methodologies to allow “Learning through assessments”.

  • Set up MCQs – associate it with points

  • Draw quiz questions from an existing quiz bank

  • Set up randomization for questions, for answers

  • Set up learning mode to achieve a targeted score

  • Review answers at the end of the quiz

Get metrics of learning and assessment


Know who viewed and didn’t view the module.

Time Spent

Check out on time spent on the module.


Analyze the areas of
improvement of your team


Send out reminders for users to view.

Certify users based on pass criteria

Award a certificate for those who pass the course. For a new employee, this could be an “Induction Certificate”. For an existing employee, this could be an “annual refresher certificate”.

  • Entire certifying process is optional

  • Use a template or make your own certificate

  • Set up default certificate design for all courses

  • Get analytics of the certified users

What do they know? What don’t they know?

You run multiple assessments. Do the scores indicate the direction for your next training program? Bsharp’s quiz analytics report indicate areas of high – medium – low knowledge levels.

  • Associate relevant tags to the quiz questions

  • Administer the assessment to the team

  • Get knowledge level report – areas of high, medium, low knowledge

  • Identify areas of development and use it to drive the next program

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