Dashboards: Drive insights out of the field data.

Slice and dice the data to derive insights. Drive faster decision making.

Just as much detail as you want

Want all the attributes for detailed analysis? Or just a few fields for a quick check.
With Bsharp, manage with just as much data as you want.

Know the exact geo-location

Set up the form as a geo-form. You can review the geo-location of the submission on the map. Using filters and search, you could see the activities of the team for a period or review the movement of a single member.

Derive insights by question

Analyze each question in the form. Review the trending of the responses and the overall responses.
Review images and voice files collected from the field in a sequential fashion.

Choose your attributes | Get the data


With Bsharp you can define your own attributes for Users, Products and Customers. This enables custom analysis. Define your attributes during system set up. When you want to analyse the data, choose the attributes you want to be part of the analysis.
It could be a report by region. Or a particular customer type. Or a new product series you launched recently. Get the field data by that dimension – this enables deeper analysis and insight.