How Bsharp does it: Collect flagship product merchandising info

The success of organisation’s flagship product determines their market leadership and margins.

A particular PC market leader was about to launch one of their key products. It was going to be one of their most important launches of the year. The retail execution had to be just right.

The merchandising plans were drawn up. In initial market feedback said that customers were excited about the display and were willing to pay a premium for the product. The product manager had to make sure that all 800 stores had the right merchandising based on the store format.


What’s required

A mechanism to help report merchandising implementation quickly.

Bsharp delivered

Training program:

Basis the format of the store that the sales person was in, the sales person received training on planogram and merchandising plan.

This was a mix of app based and route trainer driven training sessions.

Capture field data


  • Mapping stores to field personnel: Stores were uploaded as accounts and assigned to individuals.

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  • Flexible forms:  Bsharp’s sales enablement platform hosts a flexible form builder. This flexible form builder helps creates data collection forms to capture data such as store name, store location, videos, images, date and time stamps, multiple choice and numeric fields. These forms were great to captured detailed merchandising reports from each and every store.

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  • All stake holders (Merchandisers, Sales Reps) had a clear understanding on the deployment standards. They knew how to evaluate if the deployment is good and complete.

  • Reports from 800+ stores with status and images. This led to confirmed deployment of merchandising.

  • Reports from 800+ stores with status and images. This led to confirmed deployment of merchandising.


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