Why continuous m-learning?

It brings in structure, momentum, and reinforcement. Eliminates force-fed bulk information.

A typical continuous learning program

Regular update of content is critical for success and engagement

Bsharp helps you get on the path of continuous learning

Train and assess the sales team regularly & seamlessly

Get access to progress of on-field sales team

Get detailed analytics . Export the metrics in excel format for deeper analysis

Training metrics

  • Get time spent on each training,cumulatively and individually

  • Review ratings and feedback given by users

Assessment metrics

  • Analyze the areas of improvement of your team

  • Group users based on performance-create leaders

Bsharp m-learning tool enables you to


Deploy training modules


Knowledge gained using assessments


Using training and assessment metrics


Sales team based on training completion

“Engage and enable your frontline sales team with
BsharpCorp Mobile Sales Enablement platform”

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