Sales enablement for Consumer Durable industry

Challenges facing the sales organization of the Consumer Durable industry

Corporate Office

“How do I get Sales and Inventory views?”
Sales Deployed Target vs. Actuals. National views of sales, inventory. Analyze, drill down.

“How Do I Share Leads And Track?”
Get leads from different sources (FB, GOOG) and share with a salesperson.

“How Do I Inform Train? Assess?”
Need a high-level view of planning. Can I get a simple format?

Intermediate Manager

“What are the sales numbers?”
How is it today? This month. Against deployed targets.

“What is the store inventory?”
Need a high-level view of planning. Can I get a simple format.

“How do I monitor salesperson attendance?”
Is the salesperson in the store on time. What’s the trend?


“How is sales?”
Current numbers vs. targets.

“What’s new?”
What’s the latest pitch, products, promotions,

“Can I get leads?”
Can I get leads from the web for my area?

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Bsharp solution

Bsharp provides end to end Salesperson Enablement solution for Consumer Durable Retail segment which encompasses collection of operational data, instant alerts, sharing contents, training and assessment, chats, leader boards, lead management and dashboards.

Operational data & Collect data. Dashboard it


Through Flexible Forms


For action of Immediate manager


Filters. Drill Down. By Hierarchy

Create Forms on the go for Attendance, Sales, Merchandising, Vendor meetings. “Collect Data” through flexible forms. Get “Instant Alerts” on attendance, sales and meetings. View metrics that matter using flexible “Dashboards” with the option to filter, drill down based on hierarchy

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Share content. Train. Engage.

Train & assess

Easily convert any document, video or a HTML training output into a full-fledged training program.
The sales person can complete the training and assessment any time, anywhere on the smartphone.

Communicate & engage

Communication is the first step to building engagement. With engagement, you can drive the team to a common goal and sales glory. Bsharp provides simple and powerful tools to drive engagement.

Maximize program impact: Pass leads. Track to closure

Efficiently allocate leads to field personnel

A simple app based tool to share leads from programs, allocate lead to a salesperson, associate leads with customer accounts, track the lead through various deal stages, measure win rate and velocity, and show customer facing contents.

Managing the metrics that matter