Sales Champions League

Sales Champions League

Sales Champions League

With the Euro Cup right around the corner, the European countries are readying themselves to battle on the field.

Millions across the world are gearing up to support their favourite teams. We’re sure the football fever has already seeped into many teams across your company.

This is a great opportunity for you to engage and motivate your sales team.

What’s the Euro cup got to do with your sales team? Let’s break it down.

The Euro cup is a contest that spans 4 weeks with 24 teams battling each other for the top prize. Teams battle it out in the group stages, and the more goals they score, the better are their chances of advancing.

Now, imagine this for your sales team. Goals are replaced with units sold. Zonal teams battle it out to represent their region.

This friendly football-themed sales contest could be great for your team’s morale, and in our experience has a positive impact on sales.

Here’s a broad structure for you to run this contest in your organization.

1. Contest structure and criteria: Like the Euro cup has group stages, you can create a funnel of zonal contests that build up to national level contests between the winners from the group/zonal stages. Here’s a checklist of things to do or think about while planning your contest structure and criteria

  • Sorting of teams/draw of matches in the groups stages.

  • Qualifying criteria: Most goals scored (sales completed) in the shortest period could be one such criteria.

  • What’s the timeline being considered? For the entire contest and for the group stages. When will you announce the results?

Get these aspects air-tight. You will be using these concepts repeatedly over the course of the program, in your teasers, launch posters and reminders.

2. Participants: Finalising a participant list will help you accommodate various nuances that come into play when dealing with distributed teams. Clarity on the participant lists will also help you define the contest structure. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Start from the grounds up: Area teams, zonal, regional and so on.

  • Are the managers going to participate?

3. Communication: This is the one most important part of your program. Your communication plan should probably start 15 days prior to the launch and will go all the way until the rewards are distributed. Here are the different types of communication you should include as part of your plan.

  • Teasers: Great to build some excitement.

  • Launch communication: Will contain contest detail and how to win.

  • Reminder communication: Some of your team might require the extra nudge.

  • Winner communication: To declare your weekly and monthly winner.

4. Rewards: A little recognition goes a long way or even recognizing winners at each contest milestone will help. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Will you be awarding group stage winners?

  • Will there be spot winners? Like a golden goal for selling key products.

  • What are your rewards?

  • How and where will you announce the winners.

To help you get started, we’ve giving away 2 program essentials:

1. A presentation for the management: To help you pitch your idea

2. Communications assets: A teaser, a launch poster and a winner announcement poster

Download your free program essentials