Train and assess

Train and assess.

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Continuous learning. Areas of improvement.

How does it help?

Create learning programs that work for your team. Use the file format that works for your team. A simple PPT to and elaborate SCORM, convert anything to a training. Learning path controllers like section locks, minimum viewing time help you create great learning journeys. Multiple quiz modules help make things interesting. Detail analytics and quiz tags help you identify areas of improvement and plug knowledge gaps.
Flexible learning structures. Multimedia quizzes. Improvement tags.

Your team. Your learning program.

Your team
Your team
  • Convert any file to a training

    Allows 8 file formats such PPT, MP4 and SCORM.

  • Create flexible learning journeys

    Add section locks, minimum viewing time and pass percentages.

  • Choose your learning groups

    Deploy to groups or individuals.


  • Create engaging assessments

    Add videos, images, link to create engaging assessments.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Timers, shuffle QnAs, pass percentages, feedback.

Need to motivate?

  • Certifications

    Create your own templates. Based on pass percentages, a completion status.

  • Award badges

    Based on criteria such as fastest completions.

Everyone improves continuously with data.

  • Plug knowledge gaps

    Tag-based assessments to understand strength and areas of improvement.

  • Show personalised improvement plans

    Measured against the best-in-class. Over a timelines.

  • Drive learning and behaviour

    Detailed metrics with time to completion, date of completion and more.

Features to support

  • Over 8 acceptable
    file formats
  • Multimedia assessments
  • Understand
    knowledge gaps

  • Learning paths
  • Mandatory courses
  • Certifications
    and badges
  • Improvement plans
  • Deploy by groups

Tech that works with your ideas.

Here are a few ideas to get you started


Weekly learning sessions

With learning and assessments


One question everyday

Keep them razor sharp with a daily test of knowledge


Learner of the quarter contest

Consider assessments scores and completion% to award the best learner

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