Enable your sales team to sell more, sell better.

Build a smarter, swifter, sharper field team with the Bsharp sales enablement platform

Sales Person Companion

BsharpCorp is designed to be the go-to app for many scenarios.

Bsharp packs in the imagination, flexibility and ease of use required to be the sales person companion.


Continuous Learning = Oxygen


Build the team spirit.
Org-wide discussions.


Get field info. Listen fast. Act fast.


Accelerate lead conversions.

Continuous learning is oxygen for your sales team

New people. New process. New products. They happen all the time.

Needed: A solution to engage the team in a bite-sized continuous learning.

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Engage the field team: Build the winning spirit

From the vantage of a field sales personnel, the corporate office is a distant planet.

Needed: A solution to bridge the gap. Increase interaction. Engage them.

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Streamline: Get field info: Listen Fast. Act Fast

Getting reports from the field is a challenge. Changing formats. Excel sheets. Texts. Collation.

Needed: A simpler way to collect field data for faster decision making.

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Sell More: Accelerate lead conversions

Customers begin their purchase journey online. They send an email. Fill up a form.

Needed: A mechanism to reach customer information quickly to the field team. And an easy tool for tracking.

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Measure: Know the metric that matters

Learning. Team engagement. Field data. Leads

Bsharp keeps you on top of the relevant metrics for your team